Saturday, December 9, 2017

New Exclusive at My Own Personal Store New Resell 4 Resell by Me "Christmas 1"
Just click on the image above to go to my own personal store
to find the pack above.
This my new Christmas resell pack I made, they is a
limit of 15 sold copies only, once all copies
are sold there will be no longer any copies available.
This pack can be used for CU4CU/CU/PU
the original PSD Templates cannot be sold. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Tag Made With My New Kit Out "Winter Snuggles"
 This new tag above was made using my new kit out called
"Winter Snuggles" and Lynx of "Lynx Tuts" made it for me.
To go to her awesome tutorial just click on the image above.
To find my kit just click on the preview below and
it will take you to the kit at my store.
Thank you so very much Lynx for all these beautiful
tags you made for me.

Monday, November 13, 2017

New Kit In Store "Winter Snuggles" Tagger Kit

New Tag Made With My Kit "Autumns Cooler Days"

This new tag was made using my kit out called
"Autumns Cooler Days" and Lynx of "Lynx Tuts"
made it for me, you can find her awesome tutorial
HERE and you can find the kit HERE at my store
Thank you again Lynx for another amazing tag.